Manuel Elias Bueras married Albina Montiel Ballasteros. Together they had 16 children, 10 of whom lived to maturity. The following pages tell the story of their family - one branch of the Elias Family.  
  If you have any special memories or pictures of your mother/father, grandmother/grandfather or great grandmother/grandfather, please email them to me. They will be included within these pages.  
  Special note: The family trees were built using three sources. In many cases, names were written two or three ways and inconsistencies resulted. Also,understanding relationships and the changes that occur in life was difficult at times as well because I do not know everyone. I have no doubt I made mistakes or I just did not know the information. Please email any changes, corrections or additional information that you wish added to your family tree. My email address is: I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone. - Reece  

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