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What would you like to say about your mother, grandmother or great grandmother? Or would you like to add a picture of her that you cherish.

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Rosa Albina, one of our first cousins, is the daughter of our Aunt Delia Garavito Elias.  Currently Rosa Albina lives in Mexico City where she is a professor of Economics at the University of Mexico.  She has written several books on the Mexican economy and writes a weekly column in one of the leading Mexico City newspapers on the economy.  She has been very active in Mexican politics and has served as “ Senadora de la Republica”, Senator of the Republic, representing Mexico City.  This position is equivalent to a U.S. Senator in Congress. Part of her youth was spent in Santa Cruz and she has fond memories of those past times.  Rosa has a daughter and granddaughter who also live in Mexico City. More cousins. . .

“Harvey” as some of us call him is the son of our Aunt Delia Garavito Elias.  He currently lives in Mexicali, Baja California with his wife Maria.  Harvey is no stranger to Santa Cruz since he too spend some of his early years in the “Pueblito”. Today, Harvey is a lawyer and an educator teaching Law at the University of Baja California – North.  He served as Regent-President of the University where many technological advances where implemented under his administration.  He loves horses and has recently bought himself a “ranchito” on the outskirts of Tecate, Baja California. More cousins. . .  

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