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What would you like to say about your mother, grandmother or great grandmother? Or would you like to add a picture of her that you cherish.

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"Memoir: My Grandmother's Third Street" by Montserrat Fontes.
Westways, September 1998.
Encarnación Elias Gomez established El Carmen Cafe on Third Street in Los Angeles to support her children and herself after her husband was killed in Mexico. Monserrat remembers her grandmother, the Cafe, and this time with joy and love.
Note: My grandfather took us to El Carmen Cafe on several occassions when I was younger. It was one of his more favorite places to eat. Small world!
"La Memoria: La Tercera Calle de Mi Abuela" por Montserrat Fontes
Westways, Septiembre 1998.
Montserrat escribió ésto ensayo como ella abuela, Encarnación Elias Gomez. Encarnación establició El Carmen Cafe en Tercera Calle en Los Angeles. Montserrat recuerda ella abuela, el Cafe, y ésto tiémpo con alégria y amor. Ésto esanyo está en inglés sólo.
La nota: Mi abuelo nos tomó a El Carmen Cafe en varias ocasiónes cuando era más joven. Era un lugar preferido. Mundo pequeño!

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The Grand daughter of our Great Aunt Tia Chonita (Encarnación Elias Bueras). Montserrat’s Grandfather was General Arnulfo R. Gomez and her mother was Aida Fontes Gomez Elias.  Montserrat retired as a high school teacher in the Los Angeles School System. Since then she has devoted her time to writing about life in Mexico.  She has two books published and is working on her third book, the story of her Grandmother at the time she came to Los Angeles as a young widow in the 1930s.   Montserrat lectures throughout the country at universities and high schools on the subject of literature as it pertains to writing a book.  Well respected in her field and has received numerous honors.  More cousins. . .

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